About Us - Kocatepe Kahve Evi

Kocatepe Kahve Evi

The adventure started as a coffee store with Mrs. Marushia in Ankara since 1919, it has shown continuous improvement with Burhanettin Koçer in 1929 and Nurettin Tuncay in 1949 and institutionalized in 1987 and began to serve with concept of Kocatepe Kahve Evi in 1996.

It has succeeded under the contemporary business framework with its own food and drinks, both turkish coffee and world coffee varieties with concept of Kahve Evi. It's adopted the principle of spreading itself to a large audience in the country market adhering to the Turkish culture and traditions of the unique flavor of traditional Turkish coffee. It's currently continue their services with dynamic structure and new brand investors with a specific place in the market with own productions rich variety of coffee. It can be found in every corner of the country and abroad, with meets coffee lovers in the main branches of Anatolia with concept of Kocatepe Kahve Evi with Nurettin Kocatepe branded products.

about us

Our Vision

As Kocatepe 1949, we believe that we will be the leading player in subject of increasing the qurrent quality and qualities of the coffee industry while our gained knowledge and experiences moving into the future from the past . Our mission introduce and popularize the turkish coffee a symbol of turkish culture to new and future generations.

Our Mission

As Kocatepe 1949, we will continue to pursue our existence with the main principle ; "We do not produce what we have not consumed" and with the most accurate and high-quality production of Turkish coffee / presentation concept. We adopt as a principle to be indispensable through with new products and tastes with taking our existing qualities to higher levels in this process. Our corporate goal raising awareness of our people on food consumption and presentation in addition to sectoral success. Also our goal are serve the hygienic, healthy, delicious and enjoyable products to Turkish and world coffee lovers in decent places with synthesizing the today's tea culture with our traditional coffee culture as The Kocatepe Kahve.